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HEPP case study: Amsterdam Healthy Weight Programme
Funded by
European Commission
Date21 May 2018
Year 2018
The European Commission Health Equity Pilot Project delivered by the UK Health Forum has produced and agreed a case study on the Amsterdam Healthy Weight Programme. The programme was established in 2013 by the Amsterdam Municipality. It is significant because it has begun to show improvements in childhood obesity levels in the city. Preliminary results suggest that the programme has had a greater impact to date on lower socio-economic population, though causality cannot be proven at this point. 
Its overall objective is to achieve a healthy weight for all children in Amsterdam by 2033. It is a universal programme aiming to impact on children across Amsterdam by changing some of the environmental drivers of obesity, but targeted to those neighbourhoods with the highest proportion of overweight and obese children, and those schools with the highest proportion of overweight or obese pupils. The programme is also targeted at those children with the risk factor for obesity of lower income or education parents, and parents of non-Dutch origin.
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