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Chris Brookes attended a presentation by Professor Chris Whitty, Diabetes a Rising Tide, a Gresham College Lecture
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Date16 November 2017
Year 2017
Professor Whitty described the causes, problems and treatments with the three main types of diabetes: Types1 and 2 and gestational. Type 1 is caused by a lack of insulin, while type 2 is more associated with insulin resistance, and gestational occurs, when the body cannot produce enough insulin - to meet the extra needs in pregnancy.  He noted that while prevalence (people living with diabetes) was rising, incidence (new cases) was at last starting to fall. The difference being that people with diabetes are now being treated more effectively and are therefore living longer – thus increasing the prevalence. 
Focusing on type 2 diabetes he noted the significance of overweight and obesity to diabetes.  He said it was for citizens to decide how much the state should intervene. Balancing the population's pleasure from energy dense foods, business' profits, and the populations health he suggested was doable by taking a number of relatively small steps: traffic light labelling, restricting marketing to children, and fast food outlets near schools was part of the problem. Re-engineering food so that it gives the same pleasure without the calories as energy dense food was another way forward, suggested by Professor Whitty. 
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