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UK Health Forum Response to Committee on Advertising Practice consultation on non-broadcast advertising of food and soft drink to children
Date22 July 2016
Year 2016
The UKHF has a long history of calling for tougher restrictions on the marketing of less healthy food and drink to children, on TV, online and beyond.1,2,3 We are pleased that the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) has accepted the need to take action, and to harmonise the rules across all forms of media, using the current restrictions on TV advertising as a starting point. 
However, it is our view that this consultation is not at the same level of commitment as the bold action we saw earlier this year with the Government’s announcement of a sugary drinks levy. CAP has missed obvious opportunities to build on the leadership the UK has shown by introducing the Ofcom restrictions on TV advertising of unhealthy food by putting the protection of children’s health above food and advertising industry profits in other media. It is disappointing that CAP continues to consult on key policy aspects – such as whether the rules should apply to under 13s or under 16s – where there is already near unanimous consensus; whilst then refusing to consult on closing some of the loopholes in the existing rules or areas of marketing missing from the current remit.
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