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Obesity Health Alliance statement on CAP consultation regarding ban on advertising unhealthy food to children
Date13 May 2016
Year 2016
OHA statement: “Although the proposals in the consultation launched today by the Committee of Advertising Practice acknowledge the need for tighter controls, the overall recommendations fall short of what is needed to tackle the relentless marketing of unhealthy foods and drinks seen by children. Constant exposure to unhealthy food and drinks on TV, radio, the internet, social media, in magazines, and for some even at school makes it very difficult to children and their families to make healthy choices and greatly influences the food they eat. Currently one in five children in England is overweight or obese before they start primary school, and by the time they leave, this increases to almost one in three. Obese children are more likely to be obese as adults, which in turn increases their risk of developing serious health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, cancer, stroke and cardiovascular disease. These conditions have a devastating human impact and also place a huge financial burden on our already stretched health service. This is why we need tough and far reaching action to protect children from harmful advertising and to give them the best possible chance of a healthy future. While we welcome the opportunity for consultation on this area, the Government has rightly declared that childhood obesity is a national emergency so we need a game changing approach to tackle it." 
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