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UK Health Forum welcomes Government’s commitments to reduce smoking
Date16 March 2016
Year 2016
The UKHF welcomes the Government’s commitments to reduce smoking in the UK through a range of helpful measures announced in the budget. Particularly the 2% above inflation duty escalator on cigarettes and the larger - 5% rise on hand rolled tobacco. This will help reduce smoking rates as a significant number of smokers have switched to hand rolled tobacco as the price of cigarettes has steadily increased and this measure will reduce the price difference. Also we welcome the introduction of a minimum excise duty which will set a floor price which will encourage smokers to quit rather than switch to cheaper brands. 
The UKHF looks forward to further progressive measures in the forthcoming tobacco control strategy due later this year so that the Government can achieve its ambition to make England a tobacco free society by 2035. 
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