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UK Health Forum welcomes new levy on producers of sugary soft drinks
Date16 March 2016
Year 2016
Commenting on the announcement of a new soft drinks industry levy by the Chancellor in his Budget statement today (March 16), Paul Lincoln, Chief Executive of the UK Health Forum said: 
“We are delighted to see this new levy on producers of sugary soft drinks. The amount of sugar contained in soft drinks is a major contributor to childhood obesity and must be dramatically reduced.  The levy will be a strong incentive for producers to cut the sugar in their product ranges and a clear signal that the Government is prepared to act to tackle the obesity crisis. We know that this will be popular with consumers - a recent poll of UK adults showed that 55% would support a tax of sugary drinks. (1).  It sets the stage for an equally robust approach to tackling food marketing and promotions in the childhood obesity strategy expected in the summer.” 
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