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UKHF responds to Defra consultation on draft plans to improve air quality: Tackling nitrogen dioxide in our towns and cities
Date09 November 2015
Year 2015
The UKHF is most concerned with the links between outdoor air quality and non-communicable diseases (NCDs), in particular cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. As the Government has stated in its own documents, the evidence associating NO2 with health effects has strengthened substantially in recent years and it is estimated that the effects of NO2 on mortality are equivalent to 23,500 deaths annually in the UK.1 And as the Government also states, many of the sources of NOx (NO2 and NO) are also sources of particulate matter (PM). The impact of exposure to particulate matter pollution (PM2.5) is estimated to contribute to nearly 29,000 deaths in the UK annually.   Given the evidential links between poor outdoor air quality and both the development and exacerbation of NCDs, UKHF recommends the Government consider the following policy actions as part of its plans.
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