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UK Health Forum gives warm welcome to announcement on standardised packaging of cigarettes
Date22 January 2015
Year 2015
The UK Health Forum welcomes the announcement from the Government that regulations to require standardised ‘plain’ packs for all tobacco products will be put before Parliament before the General Election.  Read our full response via the link below. 
Paul Lincoln, UK Health Forum CEO said:  “This is very good news which has been eagerly awaited by everyone in the public health community. The announcement opens the door for a vital public health measure that will curb the glamorous appeal of smoking, and help reduce the numbers of children and young people who start to smoke every year. 
“We believe that the Regulations have strong majority support in Parliament and are confident they will be brought in. The Government has resisted the fierce lobbying by the tobacco industry to have this policy scrapped and they will be credited with removing the last weapon from the industry’s marketing armoury in the UK, and maintaining this country’s position as a leader in the battle against death and disease caused by smoking.” 
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