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UK ministers sign Blackfriars Consensus Statement on promoting brain health and reducing risks for dementia in the population
Date19 June 2014
Today, five UK ministers have signed on to the Blackfriars Consensus Statement, including Jeremy Hunt. 
In May, following a meeting in January of public health practitioners, policy makers, voluntary and community representatives, and researchers hosted by the UK Health Forum and Public Health England, 65 organisations and experts from across the dementia and public health community, including practitioners and researchers, have now signed the consensus statement which is accompanied by a correspondence in the Lancet. The Blackfriars Consensus Statement says that the scientific evidence on dementia risk reduction is evolving rapidly and is now sufficient to justify action to incorporate dementia risk reduction into health policies and to raise wider awareness about which factors can reduce the risk of developing dementia. Despite the apparent and emerging associations, current NCD policies and prevention strategies focusing on risk factors do not incorporate  their added potential to brain health, and the possibility of reducing the risk of dementia has been largely absent from many dementia policies.
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