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New Portal: Public Health eLearning Toolkit (PHeLT) launched
Date20 January 2014
PHeLT concentrates on two areas of information skills: 
• critical appraisal 
• ethical use of information (i.e. understanding copyright and avoiding plagiarism) 
With a public health focus in mind, we have collected and featured resources on PHeLT that support the use of information sources that are uniquely important to public health, such as unpublished reports created by government, NGOs and third sector organisations. These types of documents are known to be an important source of evidence in public health, but there is little existing support in the way of evaluation checklists to support those who need to appraise these kinds of documents. The toolkit aims to fill this gap in provision by highlighting existing checklists for these kinds of documents. We hope to continue to develop PHeLT by developing our own critical appraisal checklist for grey literature and case studies. 
PHeLT links to existing, freely available resources that provide guidance on these topics. All content featured on PHeLT is freely available online and PHeLT itself is also free to access.
  • Information services
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