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Obesity rates are rising but new predictions by National Obesity Forum may be an overestimate according to UK Health Forum
Date13 January 2014
Commenting on the National Obesity Forum (NOF) report: State of the Nation's Waistline - Obesity in the UK: Analysis and expectations, Tim Marsh said: 
“We welcome the spotlight this new report turns onto obesity and the call to step up action to prevent unhealthy weight gain and the many health problems that are caused and worsened by overweight and obesity.  The report suggests that the prediction made in 2007 in the Foresight Tackling Obesities – that by 2050 half of the population could become obese – is likely to be exceeded. 
Unpublished analysis by the UK Health Forum in a forthcoming paper will show that on current trends – based on nearly two decades of data (1993 to 2011) from the Health Survey for England – obesity levels are predicted to be slightly lower than forecast in 2007.  While obesity rates continue to rise, they do so at a slightly slower rate than the NOF report implies."   Click on the link below for full press release
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