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Research & Information Services

The Research & Information Services at the UKHF facilitated and researched the exchange and dissemination of information to all in the non-communicable disease (NCD) prevention area to support the UKHF vision of a healthy society.





Some of our funded projects include research into:

  • information needs & behaviour of those working in public health: UK and globally (read more...)
  • dissemination and knowledge translation mechanisms
  • what is evidence in public health
  • the role of case studies as evidence in public health
  • the role of communities of practice in public health
  • evaluations and audits of information systems and websites
  • literature reviews
  • specific expertise in sourcing and critically appraising grey literature in public health.

If you have an information project you need help with, please contact us.


Download and read our publications and reports.  We make our results available where possible. We also link to published papers.


We provide a number of information resources and services to meet the needs of the public health workforce around the prevention of NCDs, health inequalities and determinants.


We collaborate with and have had funding to undertake research for many organisations. We want to collaborate with you if you work in similar areas to us, so please get in touch.


  • Rapid sharing of latest news, research and policy in the prevention of avoidable non-communicable diseases
  • Using innovative, new technology to disseminate information
  • Test knowledge translation into practice
  • Stimulate new ideas to address public health issues
  • Bringing people together in online networks.

What our users have said about our information resources and services:

“A good way to keep up to date on current public health research, in one handy weekly email.”

“It provides an excellent digest that saves having to keep abreast of lots of journals etc.”

“Connecting people working in tobacco control and sharing of ideas and news makes us more effective”

“Up to date information which I use to up date my clinical practice and share with colleagues at our monthly meetings.”

[It allows] “networking with colleagues doing similar research - knowledge exchange.”

 Who are our users?

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An infographic of our users

 We have summarised our users in an infographic.  Click to view.