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Global Health Impact Assessment Project

The cross-Government strategy, Health is Global promotes the principle that government should take account of the global health impact and equity of UK foreign and domestic policies. 

To help support this, UK Health Forum (UKHF) embarked on a pilot project with the Department of Health to develop and support the uptake of a Global Health Impact Assessment tool.  The tool was designed to accompany existing Health Impact Assessment (HIA) tools and guidance available on the Department of Health website.


The tool aimed to assist UK policy makers to develop policies which promote or protect health globally, particularly in relation to:

  • the determinants of health, such as housing, transport, food security

  • people’s ability to improve their own health, such as employment and income

  • the factors that affect access to healthcare, such health system payment mechanisms and cost of medicines


A poster on the Global Health Impact Assessment project was presented at the XI HIA International Conference in Granada in April 2011. The poster presented the methodology for the project and initial findings to date, including some reflections on the future work necessary to establish a robust methodology for global HIA.  

Download the poster (PDF 3.82 Mb).

The experience and lessons from the project were summarised in the paper Global health impacts of policies: lessons from the UK published in March 2014. The paper is fully and freely accessible at the below link.

[Reference:  Mwatsama MK, Wong S, Ettehad D and Watt NF. 2014. Global health impacts of policies: lessons from the UK. Globalization and Health, Volume 10.]


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