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Modelling team profiles

Laura Webber - Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Laura is the Director of Public Health Modelling at the UKHF.  Laura leads a multi-disciplinary team of mathematicians, epidemiologists, software engineers, and data analysts who build country-specific models to assess the health and economic impacts of public health policies. Laura holds a BA MA (Hons) from the University of Cambridge and PhD in childhood obesity from University College London.  She has been lead author and co-author on a number of papers and major reports during her academic career and time at the UKHF, as well as advisor to the World Health Organization and World Bank. Laura has presented at a number of conferences, receiving various travel awards and speaker invitations.  

Abbygail Jaccard - Chief Technical Lead

Abby is Deputy Director of Public Health Modelling at UKHF.  She holds a PhD in mathematical Modelling of Biological Complexity from the University College London. She has specialised in mathematical modelling and the scarring process after myocardial infarction. She has an MSci in Mathematics from the University of Bristol. Her interests are mathematical modelling and C++ software development.

Lise Retat - Senior Economic and Mathematical Modeller

Lise holds a PhD in Medical Physics from the Institute of Cancer Research/Royal Marsden Hospital, an MSc in International Health Management from Imperial College. She has additional training in health economics both as part of the MSc in health management at Imperial College, and from the University of Oxford “Applied methods of Cost-effectiveness analysis” course, focusing on analytical methods for economic evaluation in healthcare interventions.  Her previous experience enables her to carry out mathematical design and modelling in C++, NCD statistical projects in Stata and health economic analyses. Lise has carried out a number of projects, including authoring the cost-effectiveness of weight management studies for NICE (https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/ph53/evidence/economic-modelling-report-pdf-431715709) and developing the economic modelling for the EC-funded ‘Economics of Chronic Diseases’ (EConDA) project (econdaproject.eu).

John Murray - Senior Software Engineer

John is a Computer Science graduate from King's College London who joined the UKHF Modelling team in mid 2015 to provide coding support and implement needed features in the modelling software.  His particular skills lie in software architecture design, testing, security, optimisation and UI/UX while he specialises in C++ development.

Michael Xu - Software Engineer

Michael is an Imperial College London graduate with a BEng in Mathematics and Computer Science, working since 2016 at the UKHF on providing new functionality required by the modelling team and improving existing features in the microsimulation and related tools.

Vandyck Adomako-Mensah - Data Analyst

Vandyck joined the UKHF modelling team in 2016.  He holds two master degrees: one in Data Science and Analytics from Royal Holloway (University of London), and the other in Applied Biomolecular Technology from the University of Nottingham. Before assuming a full-time role, Vandyck worked part-time on database development with UKHF, and the other half of his time as an intern with Public Health England, learning about healthcare data sets and methodology with emphasis on the global burden of disease.

Emily Corbould - Senior Epidemiologist

Emily joined the UKHF in 2017.  She holds a MSc in Public Health/Epidemiology from McGill University, Montreal.  Emily's previous experience includes working as a data analyst in the civil service, the charity sector and as an academic researcher.  Her interests include social determinants of health, ageing and health promotion.     

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