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Our people

The UK Health Forum is a diverse organisation, relying on the support and input of our Board of Trustees, Members, Observers and staff to achieve its aims.

Our staff, trustees and members are drawn from a variety of backgrounds, but all have a passion for public health.

Organisational members include research organisations, charities, government departments, NGOs and other not-for-profit organisations. We also have a panel of distinguished experts in cardiovascular disease in our individual and associate members.

Our staff are involved in aspects of chronic disease prevention including policy research, disease and condition modelling, and information services provision.


Chief Executive Officer - Paul Lincoln

Paul has led the UK Health Forum since 2001. He has worked in public health at local, national and international levels in the public and third sector for over 35 years.

He is a member of numerous Government and scientific expert public health advisory groups. He is the chair governing NICE's standing Advisory Committees on Public Health.  He was a Director at the Health Education Authority and has worked in public health in the NHS and been an educational adviser, teacher and researcher.

He was awarded an OBE in the 2008 New Year honours list for services to healthcare and is a honorary member of the Royal College of Physicians and the Association of Directors of Public Health and a Professorial Fellow to the Royal Society of Public Health.


Jane Landon - Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Jane is director of policy, responsible for managing the UKHF’s portfolio of policy research and advocacy and a small team of policy researchers. Her professional areas of interest are food policy and food marketing, tobacco control, alcohol harm reduction and public health advocacy. Previously, she was a communications consultant to the former Health Education Authority and director of a public relations company specialising in media and public affairs for scientific research organisations and medical charities. Jane holds an honours degree in English Literature and Language (York) and has trained in public health and public affairs.

She is a visiting research fellow at Curtin University, Western Australia, a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health (UK) and is chair of the Food Commission Research Charity.

Hannah Graff - Senior Policy Researcher

Hannah conducts the UKHF’s policy research and advocacy across all topic areas, including management of the Healthy Places resource.  Previously Hannah has held several positions in public health policy research and development in the US, and has expertise in obesity, NCDs, HIV/AIDS, and health inequalities.  She is a member of the International Society for Medical Anthropology and holds an MPhil in medical anthropology and a BA in anthropology. Hannah is currently studying for a Doctorate in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.


Modi Mwatsama - Director: Global Health

Modi is a Registered Nutritionist (Public Health) and leads the UKHF’s work on non-communicable diseases and global health. She has expertise in public health policy development, advocacy and implementation at local, national and international levels. Modi previously worked for the Global Research Network on Urban Health Equity at University College London and Heart of Mersey – England’s largest cardiovascular disease prevention programme. She is a member of the Faculty of Public Health and sits on the Council of the Association for Nutrition and the Advisory Council of the Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network. Modi is currently studying for a Doctorate in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Chris Brookes – Director: Global Business development  

Chris has extensive experience of international public health, business development, and project design and management, and has worked in the public health field for 16 years, and for the 10 years prior to that worked in development, including leading on statutory donor funding for a major UK development charity.
He has focused particularly on actions to address health inequalities internationally, and led Equity Action, the Joint Action between Ministries of Health in the EU on Health Inequalities from 2010-2013.  He has also been working closely with international colleagues on reducing alcohol related harms.  In his previous job he was Director for a not-for-profit organisation which fostered learning between countries in what works to improve health and tackle health inequalities. He built up the portfolio of work, many with the UK Health Forum, to include several projects which brought together partners and stakeholders to improve health. He has worked with several parts of the EU, Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank and World Health Organization. Prior to that he was  International Project Manager for Health Inequalities in the Department of Health for England. In addition, Chris  been the national focal point for the European Commission Public Health Programme.

Corporate Services

Dan French - Administrative Coordinator

Dan has worked with the UKHF since 1999 providing administrative support to the UKHF staff and trustees, helping to coordinate central office systems and facilities, administering meetings, and supporting financial procedures.

Nicola Schmidt - Information Systems Manager

Nicola joined the UKHF in 2002 and manages the UKHF IT network infrastructure and various website projects. She is also responsible for providing technical support for all UKHF websites. Nicola has a Foundation Degree in Science: Information Technology, is a member of the British Computer Society and CompTIA A+ certified.   Nicola is currently working towards a  BSc in Computing at Birkbeck University, London.

Eleni Patel - Chartered Accountant

Eleni joined the organisation in 2012 as a Chartered Accountant having previously been treasurer of Huntington’s Disease Association.  As part of Corporate Services, she is responsible for the finance function. She is currently studying towards becoming a Chartered Tax Advisor.

Modelling and Simulations

Laura Webber - Director: Public Health Modelling

Laura is the Director of Public Health Modelling at the UKHF.  After receiving her MA (Hons) from the University of Cambridge and PhD in childhood obesity from UCL, Laura joined the UKHF modelling team and has recently been promoted to director of the team.   Laura builds country-specific models to assess the future health impact of changing rates of risk factors on chronic disease and is project manager of a European Commission funded project named EConDA (Economics of Chronic Diseases - econdaproject.eu).

She has been lead author and co-author on a number of papers and major reports during her academic career and time at the UKHF and presented at a number of conferences, receiving travel awards for both the European Congress on Obesity, Lyon (2011) and Envision conference, Washington DC (2012) and was a finalist for a Young Investigator Award at Europrevent, 2014. She recently co-authored guidelines on childhood weight management interventions for the National Institute of Clinical Excellence.

Abbygail Jaccard - Deputy Director: Public Health Modelling

Abbygail is Deputy Director of Public Health Modelling at UKHF.  She holds a PhD in mathematical Modelling of Biological Complexity from the University College London. She has specialised in mathematical modelling and the scarring process after myocardial infarction. She has an MSci in Mathematics from the University of Bristol. Her interests are mathematical modelling and C++ software development.

Lise Retat - Research and Development Associate

Lise holds a PhD in Medical Physics from the Institute of Cancer Research/ Royal Marsden Hospital and an MSc in International Health Management from Imperial College. Her previous experiences enable her to carry out mathematical design and modelling in C++, NCD statistical projects in Stata and health economy analyses.

Andre Knuchel-Takano - Research Associate

Andre joined UKHF in 2014 following a scholarship-funded health management MSc (distinction) at Imperial College London. His interests include health economics, public health policy and medical start up ventures. His university team recently won the Santander business plan competition for conceptualising a cloud platform that facilitates the continuing professional development of radiologists in India. Andre is also a fully-qualified veterinary surgeon and a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. He has performed numerous elective and emergency surgical interventions on veterinary patients in Australia and the USA as well as the UK.

John Murray - Programmer

John is a recent Computer Science graduate from King's College London who joined the UKHF Modelling team in 2015 to provide coding support and implement needed features in the modelling software.  His particular skills lie in software architecture design, testing, security, optimisation and UI/UX while he specialises in C++ development. 

Carolina Perez-Ferrer - Data Analyst

Carolina holds a PhD in Epidemiology and Public Health from UCL and an MSc in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Her PhD investigated trends in socioeconomic inequalities in obesity in Mexico. She has experience in complex survey data analysis and in project management. Carolina is interested in developing the evidence base of policies that can improve population health equitably. She joined the UKHF in 2015.

NCD Research and Information Services

Helena Korjonen - Director: NCD Research and Information Services

Helena directs the UKHF’s information services. She has a PhD from the Department of Information Studies at University College London, an MA in Information Studies and a BSc (Hons) in International Studies with an emphasis on the environment and human geography. She is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, board member of PHORCaST and Eating Better. Her research interests are knowledge & information management, human geography and biodiversity.

Jennifer Ford - Deputy Director:  NCD Research and Information Services

Jenni is responsible for overseeing the development of current awareness services at the UKHF, and also carries out content development and technical support work for the UKHF’s websites. She is a qualified information professional, and is currently undertaking doctoral research into the information use in public health at UCL. She also has a PostgraduateDiploma in Public Health (Informatics) from Staffordshire University, an MA in Information Studies from UCL and a BSc (Hons) in Anatomy and Human Biology from the University of Liverpool. 

Asha Keswani - Senior Information Officer

Asha is senior information officer at the UKHF with significant experience in project management and customer services. She has a graduate certificate in information studies from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.  Asha has overall responsibility for developing and managing our communities of practices found on ncdlinks.org, and the strategic partnership portal website.  She is interesed in technical aspects of website development, customer relationships and marketing.  She undertakes literature searches and critical appraisal, as well as website development projects.

Emma Hughes - Information Officer

Emma Hughes is an information officer responsible for delivering current awareness services and undertaking information needs research. Emma has experience in carrying out literature searching for UKHF staff and external clients. She is also responsible for the management of the UKHF’s Prevention Information & Evidence eLibrary. An expert searcher, she is responsible for appraising much public health content for quality. She is interested in information skills, competencies and behaviour and taxonomies. Emma has an MSc in Information and Library studies. She also has a BSc (Hons) in Philosophy and Psychology. She is interested in research into the use of social media in public health advocacy and her recent thesis explored the role of Twitter in alcohol advocacy.