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Healthy diets

Here you will find our work on supporting health diets, both UKHF publications and work with external partners.
Title/subtitleAuthors/ source/ publisherDate added to libraryYear published
UK Health Forum Comment on the report Eat Fat, Cut the Carbs and Avoid Snacking to Reverse Obesity and Type 2 DiabetesUK Health Forum23 May 20162016
UK Health Forum Comment: Queen’s Speech sets out Government commitment to introduce levy on soft drinksUK Health Forum19 May 20162016
UK Health Forum welcomes new levy on producers of sugary soft drinksUK Health Forum16 March 20162016
Short and sweet: Why the Government should introduce a sugary drinks taxUK Health Forum and Cancer Research UK19 February 20162016
Tipping the scales: Why preventing obesity makes economic senseUK Health Forum & Cancer Research UK07 January 20162016
INFORMAS and advocacy for public health nutrition and obesity prevention T. Lobstein, H. Brinsden, J. Landon, V. Kraak, A. Musicus and J. Macmullan; Obesity Reviews; 1417 September 20152013
Adaptive e-learning to improve dietary behaviour: a systematic review and cost-effectiveness analysisHarris J1, Felix L, Miners A, Murray E, Michie S, Ferguson E, Free C, Lock K, Landon J, Edwards P.; Health Technology Assessment; 15 (37)17 September 20152011
Food and diet: whose responsibility?Landon, J; Consumer Policy Review17 September 20152007
Television advertising and children: lessons from policy developmentMartin Carahera, Jane Landon; Kath Dalmenya; Public Health Nutrition; 9 (5) 596-60517 September 20152006
The future burden of obesity-related diseases in the 53 WHO European- Region countries and the impact of effective interventions: a modelling studyWebber, L., Divajeva, D., Marsh, T., McPherson, K., Borwn, M., Galea, G., Breda, J.; BMJ Open30 July 20142014
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