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Voluntary sector resources for public health

The voluntary sector is a producer and provider of a number of resources in public health. With resources we mean tools, websites, digital assets, elearning modules and reports etc. where significant research or effort has been made.

The UK Health Forum has produced a directory of these resources of its member bodies. Feel free to search the directory and upload your resources. The resource must be accessible via the Internet, so please provide a URL. (If you have a resource that you would like to make available on the web and need help with this, please contact us.) They must also be from the last three years only.

Note: Do not upload every report you have produced, be selective. Is it a true resource? Does it provide guidance, does it summarise a current situation, is it a learning tool? Upload information about each individual collection/repository/piece of research, not every component of it. 

This directory will help us promote your work to all those working in public health, showcase your efforts and allows us to map out important resources within public health to decision-makers. You can use this directory to seek out collaborations, spot gaps in research or for creating complementary resources.


Title of resourceOrganisation (owner)URL
Telephone Befriending GroupsCommunity Networkwww.community-network.org
Takeaway Food: A Briefing PaperHeart of MerseyAccess the resource here
PANacea - the online nutrition and physical activity networkNational Heart ForumAccess the resource here
Obesity Learning CentreNational Heart ForumAccess the resource here
Nursery nutrition in Liverpool: an exploration of practice and nutritional analysis of food providedHeart of MerseyAccess the resource here
National Heart Forum websiteNational Heart ForumAccess the resource here
Infant Milks in the UKFirst Steps Nutrition Trustwww.firststepsnutrition.org
Heart of Mersey Hospital Food Project 2007- 2009 – Evaluation ReportHeart of MerseyAccess the resource here
Healthy Stadia Toolkit of Best PracticeHeart of MerseyAccess the resource here
Healthy PlacesNational Heart ForumAccess the resource here