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Public Health eLearning Toolkit (PHeLT) has been developed by qualified information professionals at the UK Health Forum, to support the public health workforce in using and appraising information in their work.

The PHeLT toolkit brings together a suite of resources to help you improve your skills in the areas of critical appraisal, understanding copyright, and ethical use of information, including correct referencing. 

The aim of PHeLT is to save the public health workforce time in making effective use of the evidence by providing a single point of call for accessing resources to support the use of evidence. PHeLT is different from other elearning resources because it includes information on critical appraisal of grey literature, something that is not covered by other resources. An explanation of grey literature and it's importance in public health is available in the FAQs section of the website.

PHeLT contains links only to existing, high quality resources on information skills such as referencing and critical appraisal. The majority of resources linked to from PHeLT have been made freely available by their publishers. However, the toolkits do contains some resources that are paid for, or require registration. This is indicated in the resource summary.

As well as bringing together existing resources on public health information use, the team behind PHeLT is also working towards developing new critical appraisal tools and guidance on searching for grey literature. If you are interested in getting involved in this work, please contact Director of Research & Information Services.

Navigating & using PHeLT

Start with the quiz to identify areas you need to work on. Then, scroll down to find toolkits for critical appraisal, copyright and avoiding plagiarism. Clicking on the links to resources will take you to more detailed information about that resource and a link to it. 

When viewing a resource, use the back button on your browser to return to this page, or click the link to 'eLearning home'.

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