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Title/subtitleAuthors/ source/ publisherDate added to libraryYear published
Themed briefing: Love parks weekNational Heart Forum22 July 20132012
Themed briefing: food labellingUK Health Forum22 July 20132013
Themed briefing: fuel povertyNational Heart Forum22 July 20132013
Alarming predictions for obesity and non-communicable diseases in the Middle EastKilpi, F., Webber, L., Musaigner, A., Aitsi-Selmo, A., Marsh, T., Rtveladze, K., McPherson, K. & Brown, M. (2013) Public Health Nutrition; online first17 July 20132013
Fair society, healthy livesMarmot Review10 July 20132010
UK Health Forum online resources guideUK Health Forum14 June 20132013
Apples and oranges: a comparison of costing methods for obesityM. Bierl,T. Marsh, L. Webber, M. Brown, K. McPherson and K. Rtveladze, Obesity Reviews; online first16 May 20132013
Grey literature in public health: valuable evidence?UK Health Forum Research & Information Services12 April 20132013
Restricting marketing to children: Consensus on policy interventions to address obesityKim D Rainea, Tim Lobsteinb, Jane Landonc, Monique Potvin Kentd, Suzie Pellerine, Timothy Caulfieldf, Diane Finegoodg, Lyne Mongeauh, Neil Nearya, and John C Spence; iJournal of Public Health Policy; online first21 March 20132013
Obesity trends in Russia. The impact on health and healthcare costsRtveladze, K. , Marsh, T. , Webber, L. , Kilpi, F. , Goryakin, Y. , Kontsevaya, A. , Starodubova, A. , McPherson, K. and Brown, M. (2012) Obesity trends in Russia. The impact on health and healthcare costs. Health, 4, 1471-148431 January 20132013