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Title/subtitleAuthors/ source/ publisherDate added to libraryYear published
World bank report: Modeling the long-term health and cost impacts of reducing smoking prevalence through tobacco taxation in UkraineMarquez, Patricio V.; Irwin, Alexander; The World Bank Group25 April 20172017
Article: The cost-effectiveness of population Health Checks: have the NHS Health Checks been unfairly maligned?Journal of Public Health; Hinde, S., Bojke, L., Richardson, G. et al. 25 April 20172017
Alcohol: drinking in the street. Briefing paper number 5117, 20 April 2017House of Commons Library24 April 20172017
NHS Winter Pressures 2016/17: summary. Briefing paper number 7057, 20 April 2017House of Commons Library24 April 20172017
Mental Health - Disabled and Deaf peopleLondon Assembly Health Committee21 April 20172017
Box Chicken: providing healthy competition to fast food outletsPublic Health England21 April 20172017
Nutrient analysis of fruits and vegetablesPublic Health England21 April 20172017
Changes in the weight status of children between the first and final years of primary schoolPublic Health England21 April 20172017
Nature for Health and Equity Friends of the Earth Europe21 April 20172017
Mental Health Awareness WeekMental Health Foundation 20 April 20172017

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