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Title/subtitleAuthors/ source/ publisherDate added to libraryYear published
Children and young people’s mental health — the role of educationCommons Select Committee08 May 20172017
Global Health Inequalities Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology08 May 20172017
Alcohol: cumulative impact assessments. Briefing paper 07269, 02 May 2017House of Commons Library08 May 20172017
Modelling the long-term impacts of a weight loss intervention: Oral presentation at the European Congress on Obesity, Porto 2017UK Health Forum; Universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Liverpool08 May 20172017
Foul Play? Alcohol marketing during UEFA Euro 2016Institute of Alcohol Studies03 May 20172017
Brexit and health and social care - people & processCommons Select Committee03 May 20172017
Housing: State of the NationCommons Select Committee03 May 20172017
Alcohol: minimum pricing. Briefing Paper Number: 5021. 24 April 2017John Woodhouse; House of Commons Library03 May 20172017
Proposals for a health-creating economyUK Health Forum27 April 20172017
Changing Scotland’s relationship with alcohol. Recommendations for further actionAlcohol Focus Scotland; BMA Scotland; SHAAP; Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol & Drugs25 April 20172017

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