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World bank report: Modeling the long-term health and cost impacts of reducing smoking prevalence through tobacco taxation in Ukraine

Authors/ source/ publisher
Marquez, Patricio V.; Irwin, Alexander; The World Bank Group
Date added to library 25 April 2017
Year published
The report provides evidence from a modeling exercise undertaken to predict the health and related cost impacts that may stem from the implementation of a tobacco excise tax increase in Ukraine. Impacts are calculated relative to the status quo before the tax hike, and are modeled, beginning in 2017, for 2025 and 2035. The model estimated that by 2035 the specified tax increase would result in the avoidance of 126,730 new cases of smoking-related disease;29,172 premature deaths and 267,098 potential years of life lots, relative to no change in tax. These reductions in disease and death will avoid 1.5 billion UAH in healthcare and 16.5 billion UAH in premature mortality costs respectively.