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Monitoring the activities of the EU Platform for A ction on Diet, Physical Activity and Health Annual Report 2016

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European Commission
Date added to library 15 September 2016
Year published
The EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health was launched in March 2005, bringing  together  the  key  European-level  organisations  working  in  the  field  of nutrition and physical activity. It is a forum for the food industry, public health NGOs, consumer  organisations  and  health  professionals  willing  to  halt  the  worrying  rise  in overweight and obesity in Europe, and supporting the EU  Member States in reaching their policy objectives. Each year  a  monitoring  report  is  produced  describing  and  assessing the  activities undertaken  by  Platform  members - through  ongoing  commitments  and structured meetings - serving as a basis for improving the direction and impact of the Platform. This  report  summarises  the  activities  of  the  Platform  in  2015,  provides  an overview and   analysis   of   individual   commitment   monitoring   reports   and   puts   forward conclusions and recommendations.