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Food with TLC: Supporting children in care to eat well and develop a healthy relationship with food: Round table meeting report

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Children's Food Trust
Date added to library 24 June 2016
Year published
There is limited research about the diets of children in care, but for some health outcomes we know they are at greater risk. Neglect and abuse are the main reasons for children entering care, sometimes following inadequate or inappropriate food provision –often 
leaving a child with a poor relationship with food and subsequent risks for their health and development. More widely, all children in the UK are facing dietary challenges: one in five children starts school overweight or obese, rising to one in three by the time they leave primary school; most children don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables while many  consume  too  much  sugar,  salt  and  saturated fat;  and  dental  decay  has  become  the  most 
common reason for five-nine year-olds to be admitted to hospital.