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Carbonating the World: The Marketing and Health Impact of Sugar Drinks in Low and Middle Income Countries

Authors/ source/ publisher
The Center for Science in the Public Interest; Allyn L. Taylor; Michael F. Jacobson
Date added to library 15 February 2016
Year published
This report documents how the biggest soft-drink companies, with sales plateauing or declining in North America and Western Europe, are investing ever more heavily in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) such as Brazil and China, whose burgeoning populations and rising incomes provide a golden opportunity to increase profits over the next half-century. Much of the companies’ marketing is aimed at adolescents, but sometimes also at young children, notwithstanding the industry codes of conduct that preclude at least the latter. The report also documents the limited efforts that countries have made to discourage unrestrained advertising and spiralling consumption, and how much stronger action is needed to protect present and future populations.
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