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Report from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council regarding trans fats in foods and in the overall diet of the Union population

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European Commission
Date added to library 07 January 2016
Year published
The European Commission has adopted a report on trans fats (TFA) in food and in the overall diet of Europeans. This report analyses how effective different EU wide measures could be on the potential health benefits for consumers but also the potential burdens for food producers. The options that were investigated included mandatory labelling of TFA, setting legal limits of TFA content in food and voluntary approaches to food reformulation. So far, TFA labelling is not well understood by consumers and increases the complexity of identifying healthier food choices. The effectiveness of voluntary approaches to food reformulation could be limited as it would clearly depend on the scope of industry participation and the coverage of food products on the market. 
The Commission will shortly launch a public consultation and carry out an impact assessment to collect more information and build on the analysis provided by the report. This process will inform the Commission's policy decision in the near future.
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