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Health and Wellbeing of 15-year-olds in England - Main findings from the What About YOUth? Survey 2014

Authors/ source/ publisher
Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC); Ipsos MORI
Date added to library 13 December 2015
Year published
What About YOUth? 2014 (WAY 2014) is a newly-established survey designed to collect robust local authority (LA) level data on a range of health behaviours amongst 15 year-olds.  A report was published on 4th August 2015 on just the smoking questions.  This report contains information on all the subject areas covered in the survey as well as repeating the data from the smoking questions. 
The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) was commissioned by the Department of Health to run the survey in direct response to the Children and Young People‚Äôs Health Outcomes Forum. This Forum identified gaps in the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) and other key health behaviour measures relating to young people. HSCIC contracted Ipsos MORI to carry out the survey.  WAY 2014 is the first survey to be conducted of its kind and it is hoped that the survey will be repeated in order to form a time series of comparable data on a range of indicators for 15 year-olds across England.   
Topics covered in the survey include: 
Diet; Free time; Physical activity; Smoking; E-cigarettes; Drinking; Cannabis; Other drugs; Emotional and mental wellbeing; and Bullying.
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