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Title/subtitleAuthors/ source/ publisherDate added to libraryYear published
The impact of taxation and signposting on diet: An online field study with breakfast cereals and soft drinksZizzo DJ, Parravano M, Nakamura R, Forwood S & Suhrcke M. Centre for Health Economics28 June 20162016
'Zhonghua' tobacco advertisement in Shanghai: a descriptive studyZheng P, Ge X, Qian H, Wang F, Fu H, Berg CJ, Kegler MC.; Tob Control. 2013 Apr 517 April 20132013
Rebalancing the Licensing Act - a consultation on empowering individuals, families and local communities to shape and determine local licensing Yvonne Gritschneder; National Heart Forum08 September 20102010
Consultation on options for improving information on the labels of alcoholic drinks to support consumers to make healthier choices in the UKYvonne Gritschneder; National Heart Forum13 May 20102010
National curriculum review call for evidenceYvonne Gritschneder14 April 20112011
'Healthy lives, healthy People':€™ strategy for public health in England Yvonne Gritschneder31 March 20112011
Response to Liberal Democrats Policy Consultation: A Liberal Agenda for Public Health, Health Care and Social CareYve Gritschneder29 October 20102010
Air Pollution set be more deadly in the 21st century as a result of climate changeYuanyuan Fang, Denise L. Mauzerall, Junfeng Liu, Arlene M. Fiore, Larry W. Horowitz05 September 20132013
China’s diabetes epidemicYu Xu, PhD; Limin Wang, PhD; Jiang He, MD, PhD; Yufang Bi, MD, PhD; Mian Li, PhD; Tiange Wang, PhD; Linhong Wang, PhD; Yong Jiang, MS; Meng Dai, BS; Jieli Lu, MD, PhD; Min Xu, PhD; Yichong Li, MS; Nan Hu, MS; Jianhong Li, MS; Shengquan Mi, PhD; Chung-Shiuan Chen, MS; Guangwei Li, MD05 September 20132013
The Affordable Housing Crisis YouTube15 June 20162015

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