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Title/subtitleAuthors/ source/ publisherDate added to libraryYear published
Department of Health and NHS England. Improving patient access to general practiceNational Audit Office11 January 20172017
Can We Eat Our Way Out Of Climate Change?BBC World Service; The Inquiry11 January 20172017
Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer 2015: Baby Boomers: Fit for the FutureDepartment of Health11 January 20172016
Charging for social careWelsh Government11 January 20172016
Easing the transition: The relationship between alcohol and labour market activity in the over 50s population of the UKDrink Wise Age Well11 January 20172016
Your guide to the Care Act. What you need to know about social care in EnglandDisability Rights UK11 January 20172016
GoActiveNational Institute for Health Research's Public Health Research Programme 11 January 2017-
Open acces: Tackling health inequalitiesThe Health Well11 January 20172016
NOx emissions from heavy-duty and light-duty diesel vehicles in the EU: Comparison of real-world performance and current type-approval requirementsThe International Council on Clean Transportation11 January 20172016
Monograph 21: The Economics of Tobacco and Tobacco ControlNational Cancer Institute; World Health Organization11 January 20172017

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