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Case studies
If you have a case study of good practice in chronic disease prevention in your area, and would like to share this with your peers, this page gives you the opportunity to do so.

Use this directory to upload details of your case study including a brief summary and links to any relevant information on your own website. We would like to hear about case studies relating to a range of things, from obesity prevention initiatives to initiatives to increase physical activity and health eating. If you're not sure if your case study is appropriate, please contact us.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add New Record to share your experience with your peers!
TitlePublication yearDate entered into repositoryWhere did your case study take place?
Change4Life Market Stalls Pilot Project Evaluation201210 October 2012
Success in North Staffordshire201110 October 2012Stoke-on-Trent
United Kingdom
Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to assess the role of the built environment in influencing obesity: a glossary201110 October 2012
2011 CHIP (Community Health Improvement Programme)201110 October 2012Cambridge
United Kingdom
Early Prediction and Prevention of Obesity in Childhood (EPPOC)201110 October 2012Nottingham
United Kingdom
A simple guide to classifying body mass index in children201110 October 2012
A partnership to prevent and treat obesity demonstrating significant health outcomes201110 October 2012
Physical Activity - Case Studies/Good Practice201110 October 2012
Audit of weight management programmes using the Standard Evaluation Framework201110 October 2012
Primary care weight management in Hertfordshire using ProHealth Clinical201110 October 2012Welwyn Garden City
United Kingdom