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Why Weight?

Why Weight?
Warrington Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Community Interest Company
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Publication year 2013
Date entered into repository28 October 2013
In May 2012 local Leisure, Libraries and Lifestyles transferred from Warrington Borough Council and were uniquely brought together as a Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Community Interest Company, LiveWire.  As a not for profit organisation with no share-holders, LiveWire's purpose is for reinvestment to improve facilities and services.  Thus, by staff working holistically across the three divisions - putting our customers' needs at the centre of everything we do -  residents and visitors to Warrington are inspired to become active, healthy and happy. One way they are achieving this is through LiveWire's Why Weight? initiative. This programme which has been inherited from the NHS prior to the transfer is commissioned by Public Health through Warrington Borough Council.  Why Weight? informally challenges and encourages people to be more aware - reconsider and change the way they manage their eating habits and develop a lifelong commitment to a healthier lifestyle.
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In turn, this improves not only their physical health but also their mental wellbeing by building confidence and self-esteem.  This has been evidenced by a continuous flow of testimonials from participants.  During the space of one year Lifestyles advisors received 1,349 referrals from overweight and obese adults (aged over 16 years).   Regardless of their route into the programme, clients who have been self or professionally referred had the flexibility and freedom of choice to choose from a menu of group or one-to-one sessions.   They were encouraged and supported to take an effective and safe approach to setting realistic weight loss targets to help keep them motivated to keeping the pounds off.
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Local intelligence was used to target delivery in order to address and contribute towards a positive reduction in health inequalities, one of LiveWire's main aims. Statistical targets agreed with the Public Health were reported on a quarterly basis.  Results have revealed that Why Weight? saw a 22% increase in participants after the transfer into LiveWire.  In effect, from May 2012 to the end of April 2013 a total of 1,349 clients were refereed onto the Why Weight? programme.   Of this total, 918 clients were refereed either through their GP or other health professional and 431 chose to self-refer. Although open to those aged 16 years and over the majority of participants were in the 35 - 54 age range with 72.5% being female and 27.5% male. Testimonials from participants have been captured and recorded to provide qualitative evidence and establish the way in which participants have been challenged to consider their eating behaviour and make positive changes.  These illustrate the impact of Why Weight? particularly in terms of  developing knowledge and understanding in relation to healthy eating and wellbeing,  encouraging a change in attitudes and improving mental health by improving low self esteem. "I found the weight management course very helpful and lost one stone in eight weeks!  It was put across in such a way that I now find I think before I put food into my mouth, instead of just eating when I wasn't even hungry!  We weren't just given a diet sheet and told to eat that - we were taught about portion size and healthy eating.  A definite change for life!"
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