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The PhunkyFoods Programme

The PhunkyFoods Programme
Purely Nutrition Ltd
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Publication year 2013
Date entered into repository12 April 2013
The PhunkyFoods Programme is a practical, sustainable, evidence-based healthy lifestyles intervention aimed at improving healthy eating and physical activity knowledge and behaviors of primary school children across the UK. 
The PhunkyFoods team help schools to meet healthy lifestyles curriculum requirements, support inspection frameworks, achieve local and national Healthy Schools standards and organise their curriculum to include more healthy lifestyles material. We offer a lively cross-curricular approach to teaching healthy lifestyles in-line with current national recommendations through art, music, history, drama and a real hands-on approach to food. 
The PhunkyFoods Programme meets NICE/SIGN guidelines for Early Years and school settings and also supports the Governments Change4Life campaign, plus key targets from the Goverment's Call to Action on Obesity:Healthy Lives, Healthy People.
What did you do? Briefly describe what was involved in your case study
We have a number of schools involved as case study schools across the UK. These schools receive the full programme free of charge for at least two years in order to implement the programme fully throughout their school. 
Each school receives free training in the programme, plus the tools to cascade the training across the school staff. A resource box is given to each school which includes teaching and classroom resources to support the main programme. The resources include food models, large EatWell Plate floor mat, interactive whiteboard DVDs, interactive big books, and music CDs, photocards, discussion cards, plus workbooks on various topics. The resource box is updated and added to each academic year. 
Every school then has access to the PhunkyFoods website which houses the main PhunkyFoods curriculum and lesson plans on healthy eating and physical activity. Lessons are taught through the main curriculum/topics and themes or via breakfast, lunch or after-schools clubs.
What was the outcome/result of your case study?
Alison Gribben, Higher Level Teaching Assistant at Allonby Primary, Cumbria (23 pupils) 
“We’ve been running the PhunkyFood’s programme in school since January 2011 and Friday afternoons are dedicated to the programme. We wanted to take PhunkyFood’s on to be able to implement fun activities to introduce the children to the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. The programme is used throughout the school in the shape of a carousel activity; with children moving around in groups. We also dip into the programme when our art, P.E. and I.C.T curriculum link with the content. Our pupils have benefited from a better awareness of healthy eating and the sources of food production, and as a result our children are more aware of what foods they should be eating. Packed lunches which are brought into school have become much healthier, and parents have been informed of the programme running in school.” 
Has an evaluation of the project occurred?
A number of both in-house and independent evaluations have been conducted over the past 8 years but currently Leeds Metropolitan University are conducting an independent feasibility study, including process evaluation, of the PhunkyFoods Programme. You can find out more about our research portfolio at http://www.phunkyfoods.co.uk/public-health-teams/research-portfolio/
  • Children
  • Education
  • Food/nutrition
  • Intervention/treatment
  • Physical activity
What audience is your case study relevant to?
  • Health Professional
  • Media
  • Local government
  • Voluntary/Community Sector